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The South Korean police on Sunday announced the arrest of a South Korean, identified as Song connected to a multinational drug ring operating in Cambodia, Nigeria, and China, responsible for smuggling methamphetamine into South Korea.


According to World KBS news, the suspect, identified solely by his surname Song and in his 50s, was taken into custody upon his deportation from Cambodia on Wednesday.

Song, who oversaw the Cambodian branch of the drug syndicate, stands accused of instructing a domestic drug distributor named Kim in March to take delivery of 20 kilogrammes of methamphetamine that Nigerian drug dealers had illicitly transported into South Korea and subsequently distributed across the nation.

Additionally, Song is believed to have directed the distribution of some of the seized methamphetamine in China and Nigeria. The police had received intelligence regarding the operations of this drug ring from the National Intelligence Service, leading to the arrest of Kim and other domestic distributors in April.

This action also facilitated the identification of Song and the leaders of the drug syndicate’s operations in China and Nigeria.

Before this arrest, the police had already seized a significant quantity of methamphetamine valued at 62.3 billion won, equivalent to approximately 620,000 doses.

This operation has resulted in the apprehension of 76 individuals associated with the drug ring, with 15 of them already under arrest.


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