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There is no denying that successful women over the world have similar characteristics that indeed set them apart from the rest. That she is saddled with these characteristics isn’t a doubt.

Her passion is infectious; it’s magnetic. She is that woman that everyone wants to be around. She has stepped out of the confines of traditional thinking and paved her way towards success.

Well known for her diligence, brilliance and professionalism, she ranks atop the ladder in the scheme of things in Nigeria and indeed national broadcasting community. She is Mrs. Funmi Wakama.

By every standard, she’s a classy woman, affable and polished. She has her hands in every pies which she severally uses to wet her appetite for the good things of life, which she revels in so much. As a seasoned broadcaster and a top player in the National Broadcasting sector, mercurial Funmi Wakama is the General Manager of NTA Abeokuta – a station she has lifted way above where she met at on assumption of office few years ago.

The famous newscaster has grown in leap and bounds from her small and humble beginning, honing and mastering what she has passion for, steadily and stealthily rising through the ranks as she continually showcase her diligence, clinching several awards and recommendations.

In recent years, we have been seeing a string of articles analysing roles women should play in politics as well as increasing women participation in politics. Overtly or tacitly, some of these articles suggest that women may not simply cope with Nigeria’s politics without losing their sanity.

Her veering into public service was also worthwhile for her, having being former Ogun state governor Ibikunle Amosun’s Chief Press Secretary, the first female to hold the position. During her tenure, she positively managed the image of the state and the governor. A very great representative of the female folk.

As I’ve been observing the actions of women at the helm of affairs in organizations in Ogun state and indeed Nigeria as a whole, what strikes me about her is the thoughtful, intentional, and deliberate way she lead. Widely praised for her work in NTA Abeokuta, some posit that Mrs. Funmi Wakama, will be recommended to serve Nigeria in national capacity, sooner than later.

Asides humility, a common trait evident in Mrs. Funmi Wakama, she is a leader who employs an inclusive leadership style. For her, she’s endowed with the ability to tread the often thin line between acting too soon and waiting too long, addressing people clearly, consistently, and compassionately. Her kindness is already inspiring many acts of charity.

You are right if you call her “Iron Lady” of the house as she is very influential and vocal with perhaps one of the most diverse circles in broadcasting.

On the occasion of her 55th birthday celebration, it is my prayer that Almighty God grant her the ability to make more impact in good health and wealth.

Ayoade Elegbede writes from Abeokuta, Ogun State

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