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The Nigerian military has addressed the retirement of some members of its ranks.

On account of corruption and low morale, among other things, 234 troops reportedly quit the army, according to an internet resource.

None of the 234 service members had reached the statutory retirement age, according to the report.

Army spokesman Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu issued a statement in response, saying that resignation from the service voluntarily is common practise.

He said that soldiers have the right to voluntarily leave the military if they so want and provide certain requirements are met.

“The allegation that soldiers of the Nigerian Army (NA) are proceeding on voluntary retirement due to alleged corruption, poor service conditions, and low morale as recently reported by some media outfits in the social media is nothing but a concoction of the imagination of the unrepentant enemies of the nation and mischief makers and should be outright discounted by the public,” the statement read.

This biassed and immoral report is just another diversion designed to undermine the NA’s dedicated and patriotic fighting force, but it hasn’t worked so far.

“Perhaps these unrepentant troublemakers need to be taught that the NA is not a conscript Army and that recruitment into the NA is voluntary with existent rules on discharge and retirement of troops and officers correspondingly like other organisations,” the author writes. This allows its members to seek for a voluntary discharge if they so choose and satisfy the requirements of the Harmonized Terms and Conditions of Service for Soldiers, Ratings, and Airmen, 2017 (Revised).

“Therefore, it is the intrinsic right of workers to seek for dismissal, either voluntarily or for medical reasons, provided that they meet the requirements. Therefore, the COAS’s permission of WO NDAGANA ISHIAKU’s (91 NA/32/4792) and 242 others’ voluntary dismissal from the NA is not an anomaly, despite how some media outlets have skewed the story in an unprofessional manner.

In addition, the amount of equipment that has been put into the theatres and the timely payment of operational allowances have all contributed to turning the tide against the insurgents. Notable as well is the tremendous investment in meeting the medical needs of wounded-in-action soldiers and the barracks communities, as well as the welfare flight for troops, which has greatly eased the strain of troop transit to and from the theatres. Additionally crucial is the fact that problems associated with overstay and battle fatigue are gradually being resolved as a result of regular and purposeful rotation of troops from the frontline. To say that some of the recently discharged soldiers have benefited from these great advances would be an understatement.

“The COAS, once again, congratulates the discharging personnel for their valour, patriotism, loyalty, and courage while serving, and wishes them the very best as they successfully exit active service from the NA. Also, he restates his firm resolve to keep making a personal difference for service members and veterans alike. He also promises the retirees that their respective commanders will host a luncheon in their honour, as has become customary in the NA since Gen. Yahaya assumed leadership.


Source: shgl.tv

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