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Ogun State Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun has assured Executives of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Nigerians that the issue of currency swap would soon be over as the Central Bank of Nigeria has directed commercial Banks to start accepting the old Naira notes.

TUC visits Abiodun

Prince Abiodun made this known when he received the Executive Chambers of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and its affiliate groups, Oyo News reports.

The delegation was led by its State Chairman, Comrade Akeem Lasisi who visited him in his Iperu country home.

Abiodun said Nigerians have suffered enough and there is a need to put an end to it.

“I am glad to announce that yesterday, I spoke with the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria who I had to share. something that was phenomenal Yesterday, the president of the Poultry Association of Ogun State came to see me, pleading that they have several thousands crates of eggs that were going bad because there was nobody to buy the eggs because of the cashless policy.

“I was so moved yesterday because by their presentation because this is an association that will normally come and support government, they supported us during covid-19, they’ have never come to asked me for anything.

“I got on the phone, I called the CBN governor, I said things are going from bad to worse because of this policy, the Supreme Court had ruled that the implementation until December 31st and the old and new currency should be legal tenders, please, make a pronouncement.

The CBN Governor was very responsive, he promised me he was going to call a meeting at 4:30 pm of all the MDs of banks, he called that meeting and told them to start collecting the old naira notes and also pronounced that any bank that does not collect old naira notes will be sanctioned and he called me back to confirm to me that he he held that meeting and that I should quote him, That any bank that does not collect old naira notes will be sanctioned,”.

“Yesterday, I also made a pronouncement that any bank, any merchant, trader that does not collect old naira notes, I will revoke their C of O or they will face the full wrath of the law.

While commending Nigerians for steadfastness and endurance, governor Abiodun lamented that “Nigerians have been through a lot”, but assured that all would be over very soon.

The governor. commended the State workers for their cooperation and support for his administration, assuring that he would continue to look after their welfare and implement all the promises he made with them as contained in the signed agreements.

According to the governor, “I am happy that the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has openly endorsed us because of our achievements in less than four years. It means much to me because of what you stand for and what you believe. You represent a significant electorates through which we can feel the pulse of the people

While maintaining that his administration would continue to be fair, equitable and just in its dealings with the people, governor Abiodun said he would not develop any part to the detriment of others.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman, TUC, Comrade Akeem Lasisi, lauded that governor for even distribution of projects to all parts of the State, saying that his achievements in the health, education, security and employment generation, has endeared the governor to members of the union and are ready to cast their votes for him in the coming election.

The governor, the TUC leader noted did not downsize nor owe workers salary during the COVID-19, adding that the decision of the governor not to lay off the ASCON bintake, employment of medical workers, teachers through the OgunTeach and opening of the Job Portal for registration of unemployed youths are highly commendable.

He assured that TUC would mobilize its members to vote for the governor and ensure that he return to office to complete his laudable programmes.

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