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My initial and immediate reactions were to ignore completely, yet another assault and insults in form of verbal diarrhoea, that gushed out from the ever unguarded parrotic mouth of Chief Adeniyi Akintola, SAN against my leader, my mentor, my role model and my benefactor, Senator Abiola Adeyemi Akanji Ajimobi ( hereinafter referred to as HEK1) who was indisputedly the unprecedented and Koseleri eventful and glorious Governor of Oyo State between 29th May, 2011 to 28th May 2019.

On a second thought, however, I deemed it fit and proper to pen this rejoinder for the readership benefits of the gullible and unsuspecting members of the public who do not truly the person of Chief Akintola, SAN.

It should be stated from the outset that those of us in the legal profession have developed thick skins to the serial lies and vainglories of the diminutive learned silk because majority of the members of the learned profession have all come to the irresistible conclusion that the frequent torrential lies of Akintola SAN are pathological which are rooted in psychotic disorder.

It would not take hours for even a reasonable stranger meeting the Chief for the first time to also note and discover those apparent deficiencies in him with the series of tales by moonlight that the man would be reeling out about himself , and which are almost always totally conjectures, imaginations , needless and unnecessary lies.

From Chief Akintola SAN, one would hear of his preposterous great prowess in using his security locked based password to prevent access and intrusions into ” my esteemed website and internet”. What an absurdity from a crude mind?

It was Mahatma K. Gandhi in his autobiography titled , ” The Story of my experiments with truth ” who wrote-
” …And what will you write supposing you reject tommorrow, the things you hold as principles today, or supposing you revise in the future your plans of today, it is not likely that the men who shape their conduct on the authority of your word, spoken or written, may be misled. Dont you think it would be better not to write anything like an autobiography, at any rate just yet”

Above ageless quote is from a great man( my hero) who has conscience and who was an epitome of honour and integrity in contrast to Chief Adeniyi Akintola, SAN who honest and members of the legal profession and even political class are ad idem in their description of him , though in deafening hushed tones that he actually lacked the integrity that he mouthed all over the public space about himself. And that is indeed the gospel truth about that miniature character .

In this rejoinder, I shall tread and adopt the path of Mahatma K. Ghandi in his cited autobiography when he wrote-

” I hope and pray that no one will regard the advice interspersed in the following chapters as authouritative. The experiments narrated should be regarded as illustrations, in the light of which everyone may carry on his own experiments according to his own inclinations and capacity. I trust that to this limited extent the illustrations will be really helpful; because I am not going either to conceal or understate any ugly things that must be told. I hope to acquaint the reader fully with all my faults and errors. My purpose is to describe experiments in the science of Satyagraha, not to say how good I am. In judging myself, I shall try to be as harsh as truth, as I want others also to be. Measuring myself by that standard, I must explain with Surdas:
Where is there a wretch,
So wicked and loathsome as I,
I have forsaken my Maker,
So faithless have I been.

For it is an unbroken torture to me that I am so far from Him, who as I fully know , governs every breath of my life, and whose offspring I am. I know that it is the evil passions within that keep me so far from Him, and yet I cannot get away from them ”

Arming myself with Mahatma’s indelible words , I call Allah(swt) that I serve as a witness that all that I write in this piece are the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Conscience is an open wound and it can only be nurtured by the truth.
In the light of the above preceding preambles, I will want all personae that I would mention in this rejoinder to be guided by their consciences when responding or reacting to this truthful piece of mine.

In order not expend precious times in killing an ant with a sledge hammer, I will only enumerate and unearth few instances of Chief Adeniyi Akintola’s misdemeanours and unethical behaviours which HEK1( His Excellency, Koseleri the 1st) found very repulsive , repugnant and absurd.

Before that however, I must first apologise to the memory of HEK1 because as far back as 2008, HEK in his usual bluntness and never suffer fools gladly had wanted to dropp off his back the pestic and parasitic mistletoe that Akintola was on him, but I pleaded and begged HEK to tolerate and let us “manage” him at least for his nuisance values.

HEK1 agreed with me and that error of judgement was one of the very few areas where I inadvertently misled HEK1 who was a very good listener of even the unsaid and unheard words.

Chief Akintola talked about the N72million cottage hospital that he built for his village people in Iddo in 2006, I will urge my readers to visit the structure today and form their opinion. Those that are close to Asiwaju BAT or any of the invited guests to that event in 2006 should be bold to ask any of them for their disappointing outings and comments over that mushroom structure which value was vain- gloriously put at N72m by Akintola in 2006.

If truly Asiwaju BAT in 2006 asked Akintola to run for the Governorship seat of Oyo State, why did Asiwaju BAT’s Action Congress of Nigeria ( ACN) fielded the witty and cerebral Professor Taoheed Adedoja in 2007 general election to contest against HEK of ANPP and Otunba Alao-Akala of PDP? And it is on record that Chief Muheez Akande of RP, Professor Akinboade , Chief Ademola Ayoade of Ibarapa also contested for Oyo Gubernatorial seat in that election.

The record still have it , till date, that HEK arguably came second in that election while the Asiwaju BAT’s ACN and her candidate came a distant third.

What prevented the boastful Niyi from throwing his hat into the ring in 2007?

Prior to the 1st October 2018 primary election of APC at the Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, the media- both formal and online were full of hallelluyah and hossanah choruses sang to the high heavens by the turn-coat Akintola in honour and praise of HEK1 whom he dubbed as the ” Messiah of Oyo State ” among others homilies and lullabies that were merely and mischievously uttered by him to arm-twist HEK1 to give him the APC guber ticket on ala carte. Trust HEK1, he was never deceived nor taken in by such tricks being a master strategist that HEK1 , the Achipellago was.

Chief Akintola should be asked for the reasons behind his 360 degrees turn-arround from his pre-primary praise-singing status of HEK1 to his post-primary crucifixion of the same man. What has really changed?

To every wise person, it was obvious that our learned Silk is yet to overcome the shock of the consensus adoption of the 2018 APC primary which produced Oloye Bayo Adelabu over and above all other aspirants which included even HEK1’s anointed candidate, Engineer Joseph Tegbe.

Akintola erroneously continues to ascribe the emergence of Adelabu to HEK 1 who himself was lobbied, schemed and pressured by the party executives and chieftains in Oyo State and Abuja to let go of Tegbe’s ambition for the emergence of Adelabu.

Sooner had HEK1 came on board as the Governor of Oyo State in 2011 that Akintola went to town that he sold his property in London to finance HEK1’s election in an election where the candidate himself didn’t sell a cube of sugar! A case of weeping more than the bereaved which was used as a launchpad for bogus counterclaim, annoying and irritating financial demands for assistance and support to international conferences, personal medicals and children’s foreign educational assistance, the Bar Presidential campaign funding among other various trumped-up and frivolous requests.

At my insistence always , HEK reluctantly and personally paid for the Silk’s expenses to attend the International Bar Association conferences in Dubai and Boston in USA. Medical and educational bills were also personally settled by HEK for the ungrateful fellow.

Also, against the constitution of the Bar and all civilities associated with any known democracy, Chief Adeniyi Akintola, SAN collected the sum of N20m from HEK1 to finance his ill-fated Bar Presidential election of 2014 where he came first from the rear and lost woefully to Austin Allegeh,SAN.

Yet, he mouths himself arround as a Social Crusader anti-graft lawyer with tales of false and imaginary ” when we were in trenches” used to deceive non-initiates.

I continued to persuade and appealed to HEK1 to tolerate Akintola’s anti-Omoluabi’s tendencies and misbehaviours which included begging and kneeling down before HEK1 to be appointed to the Governing Council of LAUTECH, unbridled request to be nominated to the constitutional conference and callous manipulation of the system by him through wicked lies to secure for himself the legal retainership of the Ibadan Local Government Properties Company Limited which he snatched from the law firm of Kunle Ishola &Co. through an unprofessional and unethical manouverings.

The bubble however bursted on his head and roughly splashed him on the face and body when he came again to beg HEK 1 to recommend him for a national honour in 2014. HEK1 pointedly and bluntly told him off that national honours are earned unsolictedly and not begged for by decent citizens anywhere in the world.

I can go on ad infinitum-Do I talk about how the learned Silk filed processes on behalf of HEK1 at the Governorship election petition tribunal in 2011 without any instruction and authorisation from HEK1 which forced HEK1 to tongue-lashed him and threatened to report him to the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar if he failed to withdraw the guerilla jankara processes that he filed without being briefed.

HEK1 defence in that petition was handled by the prestigious law firm of Olujinmi &Akeredolu.

Even in 2015, HEK1 was defended at the election tribunal by the veteran numero uno, Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN and the courageous Arakunrin Akeredolu, SAN with stern and express instruction to both legal giants by HEK1 not to squat or smuggle Akintola, SAN into the legal team under any guise whatsoever.

It therefore beats one so hollow how Akintola came about his perception and hallucinations that he was very close to HEK1 to the extent of day-dreaming to be HEK1 preferred successor in 2019. What a grand delusion and hallucination?

In African traditional system and settings, a responsible family man who must be a loving and caring husband to his wife and a dotting father to his children must posses a great deal of wisdom and native intelligence. HEK1 was reputed and known throughout his lifetime and until he breathed his last at the unprecedented age of 70 year and 6months and applauded by all and sundry as a worthy role model and great example of a successful marriage that anybody would pray for; in that HEK was very romantic and a very loving husband to his soulmate and life partner, his one and only Florie whom he proudly called ” my masterpiece of nature ” and also a very responsible father to Abisola, Abimbola, Ajibola, Abolaji and Ajijola including all his grandchildren.

Based on responsible parenting and family life alone, I leave my readers and determine and decide who truly lack native intelligence and all other true ethos of the Yoruba concept of Omoluabi between HEK1 and the empty barrel character that Chief Adeniyi Akintola, SAN really is. The choice is for you to make and it is a matter of conscience!


I enjoin all prospective publishers of this piece to share it unedited and uncensored as the copyright is very and highly unreserved.

DATED this 2nd day of January, 2021.

Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo Esq.,
Asiwaju of Ita-Ege & Idi-Aro,
Ward 5,
Ibadan South-East Local Government Area,
Oyo State of Nigeria

Email: adebayoojo90@gmail.com


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