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The Speaker, Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon Adebo Ogundoyin has prayed to Allah to bless the soul of noble Prophet Muhammad, SAW saying his birth in Mecca on the 12th day of Rabiu Awwal was one of the world’s most significant event.

The Speaker stated this in a news release issued in Ibadan to felicitate with Muslims across the world on this year’s Maolud-Nabiyi celebration.

He said the World was never the same again since the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was one of the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim, the father of faith.

According to the Speaker, Nigerians require a special day like this at the moment to celebrate, rejoice , pray and reflect on the divine message of the holy Prophet Muhammad following the #ENDSARShashtag protests that rocked the nation to its foundation.

While saying that the world will be a better place to live in if people in positions of authority imbibe the spirit of servitude, sacrifice and humility as exemplified and taught by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).who spent most of his early life as a trusted and reliable merchant.

“The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in Makkah in 570 CE, during a time when, basically, the majority of the people used to worship things such as fire, animals, dead ancestors, humans themselves, planets and stars, water bodies, most prominently idols, and even trees other than God and they would ask these objects to feed them and stop hunger, help them, guide them through life, enrich them from poverty, give them children, make rain fall from the sky. It was a time they used to engage in all sort of diabolical acts including the burying of female children whom they considered as a curse. But when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was raised a Prophet , he put an end to idol worshipping and all their evil ways. ” The Speaker recalled

Hon Ogundoyin urged Nigerians to see themselves as one and avoid activities and utterances that could cause ethnic, tribal and religious crisis adding that Nigerians should see themselves as promoters of peace as done by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who put an end to forty years of war between major tribes because of one or two camels.

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