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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on Saturday, shocked many residents of Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, as he was seen riding a tricycle and stopping to pick a passenger.

The onlookers expressed surprise at the former president riding the keke.

Obasanjo rode the tricycle, popularly called ‘Keke’, from the premises of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library through Kuto under bridge, amidst greetings and jubilation by onlookers along the road.

The ex-president, along the route, stopped and picked a male passenger to demonstrate that riding in the tricycle is safe, if used properly and for people to learn how to start small and grow their craft.

Speaking after returning to the OOPL premises, Obasanjo said he embarked on riding the Keke to demonstrate to the people that there was nothing bad in riding Keke and using same for commercial purpose.

The former president said he rode the tricycle as a way to demonstrate safety of the means of transportation.

He, however, urged youths to embrace every opportunity with hard work and dedication.

He said his action was fuelled by wrongful societal classification of all Keke riders as miscreants and the tendency of young people avoiding the virtue of starting small.

He said with tricycles and other small scale businesses, youths can be self-employed and ultimately, become economically independent.

He said when he recently distributed 85 Keke to young people across the nation, he received some feedback that made riding Keke look like an inappropriate gift, even as some wondered if that was the best for young people.

Obasanjo said, “There is nothing wrong in young people starting small. The Keke is secure and safe when handled professionally and with discipline.

“In fact, you can plan your business the way you wish and earn income that you can deploy to other investments. And if you are able to get a second one, you can give that to someone else. So, you become self-employed and you have also employed somebody.”

Obasanjo said he remained committed to the economic empowerment of young people through initiatives that could generate employment.

He said, “I have always had passion for youths empowerment and employment. When I started establishing farms, do you think I can run the farm alone?

“The people I employed on the farms, some of them are as educated as PhD. There are veterinary doctors among them, Agric economists and some people that are well-educated. Some of my children that have PhD are still working with me.

“The other time I checked the people that are working with us directly on our various establishments, we have over 5,000 and most of them are youths. I have always had passion for youths because there is no substitute for employment.”

Expressing delight for riding in the tricycle personally driven by Obasanjo, the symbolic passenger, who simply identified himself as Lamidi, said the day will be immemorable in his life.

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