NMDPRA1999, Port Harcourt, Nigeria --- In an almost daily routine, cars line up for gasoline in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The most enterprising drivers go the wrong way on a divided highway to be in a shorter line. Many of Nigeria's petroleum refineries are no longer functioning, as corrupt government officials find it more lucrative to export crude oil and import refined fuels from neighboring countries. --- Image by © George Steinmetz/Corbis
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The Group Managing Director of NNPC Limited, Mele Kyari has assured that the company is putting extreme measures in place to contain the current fuel crisis in the country.

He said with the efforts so far made, there is the hope that there will be significant relief, if not the elimination of the current situation within the next one week.

Kyari spoke when the National Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) led some top members of the commission on a visit to the NNPC Limited office to seek collaboration for the success of the forthcoming general elections.

He said: “We know that logistics is a major component of electoral duties. NNPC has always supported INEC, not in this direct form, but in making sure that fuel is made available to all vehicles that are involved in the electoral process.

“Needless to say that there was no formal framework for that, and there were no even exact formal requests for this. All the same, we are always conscious of the necessity to provide support to INEC whenever elections take place.

“In today’s very different situation, it is not just an honor to NNPC, It’s also a challenge to us, to come into the equation in making sure that we have a stable political system in our country and we’ll be happy to contribute to this.”


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