A member of the House of Representatives from Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa federal constituency, Oyo State, Hon. Shina Peller has called on all Nigerians never to give up on the country notwithstanding the numerous challenges the nation may be battling with even at 60.

Hon. Peller made this call in an official statement issued by his media office on 1st October 2020 on the occasion of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary, where he also maintained that the country’s strength lies in her diversity which must be leveraged on.

The statement read in full:

“I felicitate with fellow compatriots on the occasion of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary which is very significant to our existence as a sovereign nation.

“At our 60th Independence Anniversary, it is true that we are still confronted with so many challenges such as insecurity, high rate of unemployment, economic volatility, corruption and many others. However, we still have so much to be hopeful for as a country especially our huge natural and human capital resource potential and our ever enduring and resilient and creative citizens.

“Fellow compatriots, we must not give up on Nigeria, it is our country. Nobody will come from outside to build the Nigeria of our dreams, we must do it ourselves bearing in mind that we are a nation of huge potential, notwithstanding our challenges.

“Also, we should know that in our diversity lies our strength, and so we should leverage on this rather than allow it to tear us apart.

“In the same vein, we shouldn’t forget that we are first and foremost Nigerians before we are Muslims or Christians, Igbos or Hausas, Fulanis or Yorubas. Therefore, the interest of the country must always come first.

“Furthermore, the political class must consider future generations when making decisions. We should build for the coming generations a Nigeria that they will be very proud of.

“It is clear that it is time for a paradigm shift, we need a new crop of leaders. That is why I actively support creative ideas like the Lead Generation Initiative (LGI), a non-governmental organization which is committed to providing opportunities for a new generation of leaders for the purpose of rebuilding Nigeria through the next decade and beyond.

“Importantly, the youth need to get involved in politics right from the ward level up to the national level. We can’t continue to lament endlessly about the maladministration of our country, it is high time we took charge. We must be the change we seek.”

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2 thoughts on “Nigeria @60: “Don’t Give Up on Nigeria,” Shina Peller Urges Citizens”
  1. A point of correction, Hon. Shi na Peller. We are first Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo or Fulani before we are Nigerians. It is not other way round.

  2. A point of correction, Hon. Shi na Peller. We are first Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo or Fulani before we are Nigerians. It is not the other way round.

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