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Exciting times are here for many subscribers of the streaming platform, Netflix has released new titles and movies that will entertain their subscribers for the rest of the month.

With many movie lovers already anticipating titles like Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Young, Famous & African, Ile Owo and more, it was gathered Love Village, a television series featuring singles 35 and over from all backgrounds moving to a home in the country for another chance at love, kicks off the month.

Also, the eagerly awaited Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story makes a triumphant debut on the streaming service. In this prologue to the “Bridgerton” universe, the young Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George of England ignites an epic love tale and changes high society.

On the same day, Netflix revealed that viewers can watch Sanctuary, where a rough, needy child becomes a sumo wrestler, winning over fans with his arrogant demeanour and disrupting a tradition-rich business.

Like Sanctuary, Spirit Rangers: Season 2 will be available for viewers’ delight while Eddy, Summer and Kodi are back in action at Xus National Park, learning about nature on exciting adventures with new visitors — and old friends, too!

“Queen Cleopatra, a documentary series exploring the lives of prominent and iconic African Queens. This season will feature the world’s most famous, powerful, and misunderstood woman, a daring queen whose beauty and romances came to overshadow her real asset: her intellect.

Viewers can view Missing: Dead or Alive? on the same day. It follows officers from a South Carolina sheriff’s department as they urgently search for individuals who’ve disappeared under troubling circumstances.

“Black Knight, The Mother on the 12th, a deadly female assassin who comes out of hiding to protect the daughter that she gave up years before, while on the run from dangerous men just as Faithfully Yours XO, Kitty, Soldiers of Misfortune, Ile Owo, Wanda Sykes: I’m An Entertainer among others as well.”

“Blood & Gold features a German deserter and a young woman drawn into a bloody battle with a group of Nazis hunting for hidden gold at the bitter end of WWII.

In A Simple Lie, a woman’s lie to her ex spirals out of control, exposing secrets within a group of friends who are cheating on — and with — each other,” it added.


Source: Tribune

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