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A man identified as Moses has reunited with his father, 15 years after he was disowned for choosing carpentry over medicine and surgery.


Oyo News reports that Moses has reunited with his father 15years after he was disowned for choosing carpentry over medicine and surgery better known as doctor.

It all started after Moses took to a television program known as Brekete family to beg his father to forgive him for choosing his own part.

He revealed that his father wanted him to study medicine and surgery and become a doctor, but he chose to be a carpenter instead because that is what makes him happy.

The man revealed that he knew his father would not want him to be unhappy, so he chose to be a carpenter, because that’s what he wanted, and the carpentry job has opened many doors of opportunities for him and he has achieved all that he wanted in life.

Moses added that when his father had a surgery, he could not visit him because they were not in good terms.

He revealed that “I am not a bad boy, I don’t smoke or drink, I don’t keep bad friends, steal or do fraud and I have touched lives through the carpentry work I am doing”.

Moses begged his father to forgive and accept him back, urging everyone to help him beg his father.

About some hours ago, Moses reunited with his father. He shared a video of him and his father talking and laughing together.

His father has forgiven him, he took to his Instagram page and wrote: “After 15 years I have reunited with my father, and I just found out he is a Liverpool fan like myself, blood is thicker than water”.

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