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Bosun Tijani, one of the ministerial nominees of President Bola Tinubu, has apologised to the Senate over his tweets from four years ago.


Tijani tendered the apology during his ministerial screening at the Senate on Saturday.

While addressing the Senate, he said that he tweeted out of frustration.

The ministerial nominee said, “Distinguished senators, please accept my apology if I went too far. I’m absolutely sorry for everything I said.”

Tijani’s tweet criticising President Bola Tinubu resurfaced on social media following his inclusion on the ministerial list.

In his tweets, while replying to #Babajiide #busanga and #iaboyeji on July 23, 2019, Tijani said, “It is becoming the norm. Tinubu fed them that rubbish narrative with his ‘serving power a la carte’ wisdom. Go invest your time and money into your business if you want to propagate such a rubbish narrative.” OYO NEWS

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