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A migratory elephant which was recently sighted in Saki West Local Government Area of Oyo State has died.

Reports say the elephant which came from Benin Republic, today died in the custody of University of Ibadan.

The elephant was on Thursday conveyed to the University’s Zoo in Ibadan after its delegation led by Director of Zoological Garden, Dr Kabeer Popoola and that of the local government went in search and captured the visitor.

The Elephant suspected to be migrating from the Republic of Benin was spotted on Thursday, February 2, on a farm in Saki in Oyo State.

A Facebook user, Adesope Habeeb, who shared the photos of the elephant being petted by humans explained that the animal came some miles within his farm in Saki.

Usually, African elephants migrate at the beginning of each dry season to a more hospitable location where there is water.

According to Seaworld Parks and entertainment, Elephants migrate in three different ways, one of which is more probable in the current situation.

Individual family groups may separate themselves from the larger herd in response to limited food supplies encountered during the dry season.

The family groups are generally led by a dominant female at the front of the group and another at the back, to guard the rear. Perhaps this stray elephant discovered in Saki Town is leading its family to the next food and water supply.

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