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Oyo State Governor, Engr ‘Seyi Makinde, has stated that politics is a game of principles and deep interests, saying that trade-offs and alignment will be his operating principles to achieve sustainable development in the state.

The Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde

He equally identified equity, fairness and justice as essential elements to achieve good governance which, he said would remain the watchword of his administration.

The governor, who stated this in a newsletter dated 15th of June, 2023, added that meaningful development and advancement would be a mirage without unity, especially among political stakeholders.

Makinde, however, urged young politicians who wish to go far in politics to shun hostility and enmity but embrace alignment when necessary.

He said: “Many people still think, in 2023, opposition politics is about hostility and perpetual enmity. It is not. This is one lesson that young people who really want to go far in politics should learn quickly.”

He added, “After years of contesting and losing elections, I realised that politics is a game of principles and deep interests. I also learnt that politics is about trade-offs. But again, trade-offs should be based on principles.

“You gain followership when people know what your principles are. In a country such as Nigeria, where political parties are not yet set on proven ideologies, it is these principles that will determine political trade-offs and alignments.

“For me, those principles are equity, fairness and justice. My support will go to anyone who subscribes to those principles. It really does not matter whose ox is gored.

“We cannot advance in disunity. Trade-offs lead to progress. And so, this will continue to be our operating principle in Oyo State as we march towards sustainable development.”

While hinting that necessary consultation was ongoing on the composition of a new cabinet, he noted that capable hands among his former aides would be engaged to continue their service to the state.

“Of course, I have also been busy consulting widely to ensure that I keep to my promise of having a cabinet in place within the next two months. I ask for your support and prayers as I make the necessary decisions to move our dear state forward.

“As I have previously stated, those who served Oyo State well under Omituntun 1.0 will get a chance to continue their good work,” the governor said.

The governor also promised to enact more policies that would make Oyo State the preferred destination for private-sector investment. OYO NEWS

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