Ariel view of Lanlate town
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Ibarapa people are a Yoruba group located in the Southwestern corner of Oyo State. The name of the group is derived from a local cultivar of the melon plant, known locally as Egusi Ibara, which was historically acknowledged by neighboring people such as the Egbas, Ibadans and Oyos to be extensively cultivated in the area.

Ibarapa land is made up of 7 principal towns known as the Ibarapa Meje (Ibarapa Seven), and their surrounding villages and farmsteads. These towns include Igangan, Eruwa, Aiyete, Tapa, Idere, Igbo-Ora, and Lanlate. Igangan, Tapa and Aiyete are in Ibarapa North local government area, Idere and Igbo-Ora are in Ibarapa Central, while Lanlate and Eruwa are located in Ibarapa East local government.

The three local governments were created by the federal government of Nigeria authorities in 1996 when Ibarapa East was carved out from the old Ibarapa Local Government while Ibarapa Central and North were carved out of the former Ifeloju Local Government area.
In totality, about 120 different villages litter the landscape.

Lanlate is one town in Ibarapa region located in the Eastern part of Ibarapa. It is a modern town located between Iseyin and Eruwa. Lanlate was co-founded by two friends, Bioku and Labebe; Bioku being the Chief. The settlement was surrounded by four major hills namely; Onidan, Ota-epo, Olofin and Araye. The Anthem and Panegyrics/Eulogies (Oriki) of Lanlate is based on these four hills. The four hills protected Lanlate from the hostile attacks and consequently, the settlement became populated by people looking for shelter.

Lanlate Satellite Earth Station was Nigeria’s first international satellite telecommunications gateway to the outside world. It became operational in March 1971 with one antenna (Lanlate I) tracking the Indian Ocean INTELSTAT satellite. This one operates with the Atlantic Ocean satellite.
That is the first international satellite telecommunication gateway to the outside world.

Lanlate is one of the oldest, most noble and popular towns in Oyo State, dating back to the era of the Old Oyo Empire. Amongst the seven Ibarapa towns, Lanlate is formost. It has been the center of power and also a significant custodian of the ancient cultural heritage of Ibarapa region.

Lanlate was co-founded by two friends, Bioku and Labebe. Bioku, a Chief was the first to settle in the region with his family, this is why the town was initially referred to as Ile-Bioku. Later, Labebe, Bioku’s friend moved from Popo-Ilala to Ile-Bioku, with his family.

According to history, Ilala was taken from Popo-Ilala where Labebe came from and merged with “Tedo”, meaning to settle in a town. This formed Ilala-tedo, hence the name Lanlate coined from Ilala-Tedo.
Onilala of Lanlate and descendants of the pioneer king, Bioku are direct descendants of Alaafin Amodo.

Lanlate people therefore share the same culture with Oyo Alaafin and all Yoruba traditions are adhered to in Lanlate. They observe Egungun, Oro, Sango, Ogun, Obatala festivals.

Majority of Lanlate dwellers are peasant farmers, while some combine farming with hunting and fishing. The town’s Agriculture is boosted by the vast expanse of land in Lanlate.

There are over 26 public primary schools and four public secondary schools in Lanlate. The town is also experiencing growth and emergence of private schools. The town is blessed with College of Education, Lanlate, and a General Hospital.

Potential tourist attractions are Eekun Iyawo, Esin Araye, Olofin rock and Ibu Yeye.

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