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The family of Evangelist Samson Akindoyin have appealed to Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde to save them from the menace of land grabbers.

The piece of land

They claimed that a piece of landed property located at Sharp Corner Area of Oluyole in Ibadan has been the bone of contention with Mrs. Oluwaseun Esuruoso.

OYO NEWS understands that Mrs. Oluwaseun Esuruoso, is the Erelu Balogun Esuruoso.

The family said she laid claim on the property that was sold many years ago by her late husband, Chief Emmanuel Olufemi Esuruoso.

Akindoyin, who is also the owner of the church on the land, bought the landed property over 40 years ago from the family of the former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands in the old western region, Mr. Johnathan Mayomi Akinola.

The claimed that the Permanent Secretary bought the land from the family Chief Emmanuel Olufemi Esuruoso.

According to Akindoyins, they have all the documents and the sales agreement between Chief Esuruoso and Chief Akinola, including the sales receipt with other documents.

The family added that the evidences have been presented to a court of justice, saying the immediate inspector-general of police (IGP), Mr. Usman Baba’s (Rtd) monitoring team from Abuja and FCID Alagbon is aware.

“It started in the year 2017 when a man called Mufutau took us to court over the same property that we bought over 40 years ago, and the case was done in October 2020, we have the court judgment, which it’s in our favor.

“In December 2020, we then found a signboard on the land saying ‘This land belongs to Chief Engr. Emmanuel Olufemi Esuruoso’ with some phone numbers written on it. We removed the signpost because the land have long been sold by Chief Esuruoso to Chief Akinola, we bought the land from Chief J. M. Akinola.

“Of course, we have the sales agreement between Chief E. O. Esuruoso and Chief J. M. Akinola. Akinola was the former PS for the Ministry of Lands in the old western region and his children had confirmed that truly the property was sold to us (Akindoyin).

“At a point, this woman brought someone, Idowu Akinola to act as the son of Chief J. M Akinola to stand against us that his dad did not sell the land to us. He later confessed that he has nothing to do with J. M. Akinola, that his own dad is an herbalist from Abeokuta and not in any way related to Chief J. M. Akinola.

“We contacted some of the Akinola’s family heads, and they claimed they are fraud, that Idowu Akinola is not a member of their family. One of the children also said the same thing.

“She, Mrs Esuruoso is also conspiring with an officer in Alagbon police station, ASP Lawal Kazeem to be threatening us, to the point that he unlawfully kidnapped one of the church committee without uniform and later claimed to have been working for Mrs Esuruoso for a very long time during an interview in a live radio program in Ibadan.

“We wrote to the IG about the misconduct of supol Lawal, and a team was sent from Abuja to Ibadan for the investigation before Idowu Akinola confessed to having been used by one Mr. Samuel who happened to be working for the same Mrs. Esuruoso, he also confessed that they promised him one plot of land and he was given 100 thousand nairas, he said Mr. Samuel told him that they have been working on the land for a very long time to collect it from the church, so, they need him to claim he was the son of Chief J. M. Akinola.

“Mrs Esuruoso was invited to Abuja by the IGP monitoring team but she refused the invitation and sent a fundamental.

“Immediately they heard about the retirement of the immediate IG, Mr. Usman Baba (Rtd), then they started their evil act again.

Akindoyin hereby appeals to Governor Makinde over the matter, saying he is the only one they depend on over the case as the woman wants to use all the possible means to finally take over the property.

“We are calling on the executive governor of the State, Engr. Seyi Makinde, to please come to our aid because ever since the incident, our lives have been in danger of different types of attacks here and there.

“The governor should please wade in to solve the matter once and for all, we believe in his capacity as the governor of Oyo State as a listening governor, that is why we’re appealing to him.

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