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Participants with the Deputy Executive Secretary, UBEC, Dr. Isiaka Kolawale Olayinka

The Deputy Executive Secretary (Services) of the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), Dr. Isiaka Kolawale Olayinka, has restated the important role of the commission’s information managers in the successful delivery of its “Better Education Service Delivery for All” (BESDA) programme.

Dr. Olayinka stated this, Tuesday, at a training exercise on Communication Strategy for Public Relations Officers in UBEC/SUBEB and BESDA holding in Babale Suites, Kano State.

According to him, no programmes of the Commission would succeed without the active participation and cooperation of its information managers.

He explained that Communication Information is key at every level of the programme, as such there is the need for inclusion of information managers to participate in the implementation of the project.

The training, according to Dr. Olayinka, aims to inform and guide the conduct of Communication strategies and related activities towards ensuring effectiveness of designated communication towards the overall goals of the programme in various States.

The Deputy Executive Secretary (Services) noted that the BESDA programme requires deliberate sensitization and mobilization of every critical stakeholder at each state of the programme implementation.

He stressed that training will provide effective response to identified UBE delivery and communication challenges and also provide fresh and innovative perspectives in engaging stakeholders’ state and non-actors, parents and other stakeholders.

“I would like to encourage all participants to make use of the knowledge gained so that the government in education reaches more people and more value is obtained from the money spent on programme and project, especially in BESDA programme”, he said.

The Deputy Executive Secretary (Technical) Dr. Bala Zakari while declaring the workshop open said BESDA programme seek to support designated Federal and State Agencies in line with the specific objectives of increasing equitable access to education for out-of-school children, improving literacy in focus state, and strengthening accountability for result through system strengthening.

Dr. Zakari said BESDA Intervention focuses on States with the largest population of out-of-school children in the country.

The five-day training programme drew public relation managers from the 17 focal states among others.


Source: UBEC, Abuja.

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