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Sunday Akinyemi, the president of a Pan-Yoruba group, Yoruba Koya, on Tuesday called for unity among the Yoruba race for development and progress.

Speaking at the sidelines of a rally at Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Akinyemi explained that the movement was about the unity of the yoruba race at large.
According to him, the group has been in existence for over 10 years without any political backing.

“We are doing this because of our children and generations yet unborn.

“The focus is on the cultural race of yoruba and how to build on it, getting the best for our children and those yet unborn.

“We summoned this meeting for everyone to come togther because looking at the state of the nation we needed to rob minds and come up with ways to help the yoruba race.

“Many Nigerians are worried and concerned with what’s going on, they reach out to us to see how we can help and make things better,” he said.

He added that elections were around the corner and a new regime would emerge hence the need to correct all wrongs.

“We are not joining any political party but we want to know our position and where we  are headed by taking a position in building a better tomorrow.

“If yoruba as a race can’t build and make it better, then there’s a big problem. There was a time we used to have the best economy in Africa during Awolowo’s time.

“The South Western region was the best and paying the best minimum wage.

“When you take retrospect to the fact that when other tribes were not able to build a standard stadium, we had Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, we had University of Ibadan and tallest building,” he said.

Speaking, the National Coordinator, Mr Adeyimika Famuyiwa, said that Nigeria was at a critical stage in her national life and needed all the wisdom to pilot her to a safe landing.

He stated that they were not inclined to any political party in the interest of Yoruba nation in order to discuss how the Yoruba race would escape the entrapment of modern-day cobnialists.

Famuyiwa added that the group was under a moral obligation to hand a safer and more prosperous Yorubaland to their children and also must begin to plan how to get a positive results.

He disclosed that such obligation included delivering the Yoruba from banditry to terrorism, ritual killings and religious intolerance.

This, he said, included handing over the Yoruba race to their children yet unborn devoid of the reign of cybercrimes, political unrest by persons or groups determined to strangulate Nigeria for selfish gains.

“Among other major tribes in Nigeria, the Yorubaland is relatively the safest, though we have issues we’re struggling to deal with.

“We must brace up against security, economic and political implosion capable of setting us back and stagnating the prosperity of our blessed land and people.

“Just a few days ago, the political elites across the major parties turned London to the political Cathedral of Nigeria, where they met to purportedly discuss the fate of the nation without a conclusive resolve yet.

“Never again shall we allow our collective sensibility to be rubbished, our commonwealth stolen and our mandate compromised by saboteurs.

“Late Pa. Obafemi Awolowo had bequeathed to us a great legacy, M.K.O Abiola had paid the ultimate price for this democracy,” he said.

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