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Osun state Governor, Sen. Ademola Adeleke has preached rapprochement for peace, unity and progress among all strata of the society and government in the spirit of Valentine day celebrations.

The Governor made the advocacy at the annual Valentine Day event by the State Civil Service Union, an event that normally witnesses games and competitions of various kinds.

Represented by the Head of Service, Mr Ayanleye Aina, Governor Adeleke said “we have all come a long way as a family of change makers”, noting that “In our common family, love rules and transcends any other impediments.

“With love, we overlook mistakes, forgive wrongs and embrace united living. With love, we contemplate the past of joy and peace. We enjoy the positive and negative circumstances of the moment and hope for the healing of wounds for a mutually and collectively beneficial future.

“On this day of love, we all know the history of the day we are celebrating, how love led to overruling of all considerations. We remember the sacrifice simply because of heart to heart consideration. We must therefore ruminate over what we have achieved and what we have lost.

“We are thankful for the gains and attribute the loss to divine will. We look at the universe and fill our space with songs of gratitude. In our anger or bitterness, we must accept that love is about mercy, kindness and favour.

“As we seek the positive in this complex world, I urge us to remain steadfast in our manifestation of all that is good across the ministries, departments and agencies.

“Our gathering is not a frivolous frolicking as some may think or assume. The business of a united and lovable humanity living in peace and harmony is a serious endeavour.

“In an era of economic emergency, love is the recipe and solution to personal and societal problems. Mutually shared love between leaders and followers, between heads and staff, within and without family, are potent instruments to take our families, our institutions, our state and our country, out of the wood.

“We all must realize the close link between love and light. Imole is all about love. Darkness cannot give love. We owe ourselves that realization that happenings within light can only be for our common good. With such understanding, we grow from strength to strength, from want to plenty, from anger to peace, from greed to contentment”, Mr Governor posited.

The event was attended by civil servants from various Ministries, agencies, departments and.parastatals.

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