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One very inviting feature of Globus Bank is the ease of opening an account online. It couldn’t be simpler, as the process has been likened to a breeze and achieving such a herculean task of opening a bank account within four minutes is unbelievably true.

The Globus Mobile App has redefined Technology advancement in the Banking sector with its Globus Mobile. This helps customers take control of their finances without stress anywhere and anytime.

The App affords customers seamless Funds Transfer, Real-time Balance check, Card & Cheque Management, Account Management and Easy Bills Payment.

The bank’s Board of Directors includes industry leaders and experts with a combined experience of over 150 years in Operations, Business Strategy, Information, Technology, Executive Management and Financial Control. Elias Igbinakenzua, the MD/CEO of Globus Bank, has served as an Executive Director in both Zenith Bank and Access Bank. Nixon Iwedi, the Executive Director, has over twenty years of banking experience, including leadership roles across different core aspects of banking including Credit and Marketing, operations, corporate finance amongst others.

Globus Bank Limited is a new commercial bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It started operations fully in November 2019, though was incorporated as a limited liability company on March 6, 2019. The Bank provides commercial banking services to the Nigerian public, with an aim to be Nigeria’s foremost digital Bank, providing best-in-class solutions that are specifically tailored towards meeting customers’ needs in a timely manner.

Globus Bank prides itself as a focused bank, which would revolutionize the Financial Services Industry by leveraging Technology and People to deliver exceptional services.

Driven by its visionary board and savvy business model, the Bank has set itself apart in the industry through Innovation and delivers exceptional service to its customers.

Its workforce of seasoned professionals, led by Mr. Elias Igbinakenzua and other visionary leaders and experts have positively altered the industry service equilibrium.

With its corporate Head office located at 6, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, the new entrant into the banking industry has changed the game in many ways.

With its innovative and easy to use bank app, Globus Bank is making customer banking easier by making it possible to create a bank account from anywhere using technology.

After its launch, Globus Bank unveiled its mobile app and announced that customers could sign-up and get their personal account numbers to start banking faster and safer in 2 mins.

Unbelievably so, customers have done a survey of this app and they have testified to its simplicity and friendliness. Creating a personal bank account with the app was fast and easy. After downloading the Globus Bank app from Google Play-store, a ‘Get Started’ button takes the user to the request page to create a bank account number.

Navigating the bank app is quite easy. It contains features like send money and send feedback and manage profiles. The send money feature allows money transfer to other banks by entering the account number and bank. It also has features to save accounts as beneficiaries.

Creating a Bank Account is made easier with a personal Bank Verification Number (BVN), after which a user can either enter their preferred account or select the random number generated by the app.

The generated account number is then entered to access the personal info page where the preferred username, password and email address is requested. Thereafter, a page where transaction pins and other security questions are requested pops up.

The app then requests a specialized username and password to secure the account.

Living true to its vision to be the preferred financial services provider across the Nation. The Bank has been delivering endearing customer experience, such that through a Bank App, users can create and access bank accounts from their device.

However, for pin transactions a daily limit of N200, 000 was set and a profile verification using the code sent to a user’s registered number is also requested. Customers can spend up to 20,000 daily on the Globus app.
Reviews from users of the app show that they found it easy to create their own accounts. It is better to be part of this new banking experience, by opening a Globus Bank account in less than 2 minutes.

A feedback is welcome by the Bank.

The MD, Globus Bank, Mr. Elias Igbinakenzua has affirmed the Bank’s welfare package for its staff is highly competitive in the financial world. The bank offers one of the most competitive salaries in the industry, while also providing other interesting incentives for motivation with respect to each staff’s productivity.

Careers Development of the Staff members is equally important to Globus Bank. Globus Bank offers plenty of opportunities to help each staff member learn and grow in their career progression. There is a structured plan for professional courses to improve each member’s work knowledge. Not to mention how the bank caters for each staff member’s wellbeing.

Globus Bank aims to bridge the customer experience gap in the industry by offering innovative products tailored to its customer’s needs and by offering exceptional customer service.

The bank prioritizes sustainability and will be the first bank in the country to deploy green technology in its branch operations. The sound corporate governance structure is expected to ensure its cardinal principles of transparency, accountability and diligence are institutionalized throughout the bank.

Any account opened at Globus Bank can be upgraded to allow for a higher volume of transactions by providing Customer Signature, Identification Card, Passport Photograph and Utility Bill. Outstanding documents can also be uploaded to upgrade the bank account. Bank name and the account number is required to transfer money on the app

Apart from bank transfers, the app offers innovative products like payment of bills, purchase of airtime tailored to the needs of users.

According to Mr Elias Igbinakenzua, MD/CEO of the bank. There are about 20 branches that are almost ready to kick off operations, though there are four in existence already.

Interestingly, the Bank has raised about N30bn since inception and has plans to hit about N50bn in the next couple of months according to Igbinakenzua.

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