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Commends Makinde on Oyo development plans

Media onslaughts and simply picking holes in governments’ performances without objective analysis and preferment of solutions based on certain critical factors of development is doing more harm than good to Nigeria, a development expert has said.

According to Engr. Michael Ale, the best method of criticizing government is to present ideas and initiatives that will strengthen the governments’ developmental plans through frequent forensic analysis of developmental progress with relevant indicators.

He also commended Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, on the inauguration of the 20-years Developmental Plan for Oyo State but advised the governor to extend the committee to accommodate developmental Expert on SDG’s.

Ale, in a press statement about the newly founded development organization, Global Initiative for Nigeria Development (GIND) simply known as ‘Development Nigeria’, over the weekend said that the group will project governments’ developmental plans and assist with innovative ideas to support programme and policy implementation through capacity development of government officials.

The co-founder and CEO of the new organization, noted that most of the information being passed to the citizenry through various media platforms were doing disservice to the development of the Nigerian society. “Most of the news contents drive investors away because by giving a bad impression of Nigeria making it look unsuitable for investment”, he said, positing that news contents should also accommodate the good side of the government and not always portraying it in bad light.

Ale explained that “Development Nigeria” will work towards ensuring that the strategies and ideas for development in Nigerian states are fully harnessed while ensuring that the knowledge capacity of those responsible for the success of the programmes are enhanced through appropriate platform.

He noted that the GIND effort will revolve round all sectors of the economy like health, education, agriculture, physical infrastructure and security.

His words: “To achieve this goal, we have technical working groups who are seasoned professionals and bureaucrats. We also have technical resource persons, professors and associate professors to serve as experts to the technical working committee on any development projects.

“The Development plans are packaged into sectors like Economic Development; Human Capital and Social Development; Infrastructure Development; Physical Planning and Sustainable Environment; and Resource Mobilization for Trade and investment; and Implementation Strategy.

He added: “The current global pandemic is really widening the poverty gap of many Nigerians. considering the Poverty diagnostics analysis. Many Nigerians have been plunged into the bracket which is really unfortunate.

“Development Nigeria will sure bring relevant prognosis and solutions to any upsurge and shock the state or country is exposed to. Most urban cities are exposed to various shocks, the recent #endsars had taught us a big lesson as a country. Development Nigeria is really an important and timely interventions in Nigeria”, Ale stated.

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