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The Social Democratic Party (SDP) Presidential Candidate in 2023 general elections, Prince Adebayo Adewole, has tackled the President Muhammadu Buhari led government for poor management of the economy.

While responding to questions recently, Adewole explained that Nigerians are presently looking for a new party to rule the country as they have given the current party a long time to make the country better but failed them.

According to Prince Adebayo, the government has been standing in the way for the people to achieve their long term carrier goals.

Adebayo added that if given the mantle to rule, he will get the government out of the people’s way. He said that a responsible government is a facilitator to it’s citizens, and encouraging their ideas.

He made reference of how President Buhari enjoyed a better government under the regime of former premier of Northern Nigeria, Amadu Bello.

He stated that it was the government of Amadu Bello that picked Buhari as an orphan and put him in a boarding school and then in the army where he ended up as a general.

The government should be humble public servant rendering service to the public. A government should look at the gap and provide the necessary basic amenities for the people.

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