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…Hints on Redistribution of Teachers


Dr. Nureni Aderemi Adeniran, Chairman, Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board, has urged Education Secretaries to strive to impart discipline and sound morals within their Local Government Universal Basic Education Authorities for the overall good of the State.Adeniran

Dr. Nureni Adeniran equally stressed the importance of the State’s religious diversity and the need to tolerate one another,  in a statement sent to Oyo News.

Dr. Adeniran, who gave the advice in a meeting with Education Secretaries today, said their duties were not just about academics, but as vehicles for instilling moral values in their subordinates.

The Executive Chairman noted that Education Secretaries, their teaching and non-teaching staff must be disciplined, in order to be able to impart sound morals and discipline in schoolchildren.

Adeniran also said the Oyo State through the Board, will not tolerate religious intolerance.

He added that no religious bigotry will be tolerated in the State public schools.

He observed that every religion and law protects the life of every citizen, adding that no pupil must be coerced into a belief system he/she finds unpersuasive.

“It is important that each Education Secretary must be self-disciplined, otherwise they will lose the right to discipline others, as immediate role models to others”.

Dr. Adeniran, while commenting on the scarce number of teachers in public schools, hinted on a possible redistribution of teachers across the State.

The Education administrator who noted that there is an urgent need to correct the lopsidedness of teachers’ deployment in Oyo State, added that an intra-local Government distribution will aid Education in the State.

He therefore charged each Education Secretary to compile lists of teachers in each school under their supervision, as well as the enrollment in each school.

The OYOSUBEB boss warned Education Secretaries and teachers against extortion or imposition of unauthorised levies on students, noting that offenders would be sanctioned.

Dr. Adeniran reiterated that the Oyo State Government would not condone any corrupt practices by any Education Secretary or headteacher.

Adeniran, who also hinted that the Oyo State Government has completed hundreds of school projects across all local governments, added that the Oyo State Government will soon embark on completion of some abandoned projects.

He said most of the projects were abandoned by contractors hired by the past administration in the State.

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