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The 2021 crooner of Mimo (Holy) and Falala (Exceeding Abundance), Ade-Ajayi Michael, popularly called Ade-Mike has dropped two new singles.


Ade-Mike is a certified Life Coach, Radio Presenter, Clergyman, Gospel Singer and Songwriter, Content Writer and Author, who is given to healing troubled and dejected souls with his literary, coaching, musical, and pastoral works.

His debut album was released in November 2021, titled: Thanksgiving, alongside his third book: The Potency of Capacity.

Oyo News reports that Ade-Mike is an advocate for reverence for God and respect for Humanity, which gave him the name: The Voice (for God and for Humanity).

Ade-Ajayi is a teacher of the word and a lecturer of Youth Management, Introduction to New Testament Greek, among others. He is a member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria, mentored by The Catalyst, Dr. Lanre Olusola. He was part of the 2022 annual edition of Catalyst Integrative Coaching and Mentorship Programme – Gold (CICMP – Gold), under the multiple award winning Dr. Lanre Olusola, meeting and working with scores of Life Coaching and Therapy Professionals from across the world. In 2022, he released a song in honour of the CICMP – Gold, titled: We’re The Ones.

He worked as a co-presenter at Metro FM – 97.7, Ikoyi Lagos on the programme: Moments of Inspiration, which was sponsored by the Diocese of Lagos Mainland, before it was recently paused by the sponsor for some revamping / modification.

Ade-Mike has written and published some articles, among which is “Will Religion Save The World? His literary works always reflect sound Christian and Motivational tones, and they have healed lives and homes. He is a major in Personal Development, Self Discovery, Marriage and Relationship, Purposive Living, among others! He is a scholar of the New Testament from Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo. Recently, he became Jerusalem Pilgrim and the current Vicar of St. John’s Anglican Church, Ebute Meta, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ade-Ajayi Michael is the Director and CEO of The Smiles Zone Consultancy, an integrative Life Coaching, Mentorship and Publishing enterprise. His company now self-publish his literary works and does same for others. He is the owner of the movement  called The Voice, For God and For Humanity, sensitizing people about the important place of Humanity in building a society and a world according to the intentions of the creator; knowing that living must be purposive and that Humanity must be respected.

His two new songs have been inspired by, first, the ability of God to care for all he has made in due time; to protect, feed and guide them. This making the assurance that there is no danger when one trusts God and duly acknowledge him. Second, for the fact that human’s struggle without God’s assistance is a pride and rebellion to God. While we struggle to make a good out of life, and we clamour for peace, which only comes from God, we must be ready to embrace God’s will to enjoy his peace. Since 2020, his company works with the KWG Entertainment, a massive and fast growing multidimensional company owned by Mr. Opeyemi Kolawole (Opiano), to produce his music including this new singles.

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