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Just as the jostling for the presidency of Nigeria is gathering momentum, a call has gone to the political leaders of the south east and southern part of the country to allow the south west to have the presidential slot once it’s conceded to the southern part of the country.

The call was made on Friday in Ibadan by Leaders of self determination Groups in the region led by the Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Coalition of Oodua Self determination Groups (COSEG),Comrade Dayo Ogunlana and other allies including,Rtd Brigadier Adewolu Muda, Comrade Evangelist Kunle Adeshokan,Alhaji Jubril Ogundimu, Rtd Major Adegbenro Yussuf, Comrade Dele Daramola and others after a five hour crucial meeting where the state of the Yoruba nation was discussed vis a vis,2023, insecurity and the present political situation..

The complete communique issued below:

The Communique at the meeting dwelt more on developments surrounding the 2023 election, Zoning and candidates for Nigeria presidency.

(1) after a comprehensive discussion that took more than 5 hours ,It was resolved that the Nigeria presidency should be zoned to the southern zone of Nigeria for equity and justice to prevail having noticed that the Northern Zones through president Buhari would have used it’s 8 uninterrupted years by 2023. That the continuity of the existence of Nigeria can only stand if it’s working and processes are based on justice as expressly mentioned in the constitution as regards the Noth and Souh zone.

(2) That the Southern Nigeria should unite and ensure that no blackmail,mischief and division are promoted among them so as to allow the North to destroy the unity of Nigeria with thier consistence call for Northern presidency again when they are about relinquishing power.

(3) That the meeting appreciate the effort of Governor Akeredolu led Southern Governors’ forum and support the Southern governors vow not to promote or work for any norther governor irrespective of any party. This is the first time we are getting it right and we hope, there will not be any Judas among them. We request to be informed of any Judas when he is being evolved. We must inform the southern Governors,that on this,we are partners as we shall ensure we do everything lawfully and traditionally to ensure,the south is not cheated in this regards as the North are doing everything possible to destroy Nigeria. The reasons for this we are yet to know.

(4) Having agreed on the zone to produce the president as highlighted,we plead that the south south and the south East political leaders allow the presidency to be zoned to the southwest. It has been seen that the North who are about relinquishing presidency are comfortable with the southwest taking over because of fear that have been prevalent for some time and this is being caused by intrinsic regional activities. So for them to relinquish power ,they believe it’s only the southwest that can still bind Nigeria. This is just the truth as their fear may be justified. For the South to get what rightly belongs to it peacefully and fairly,it is incumbent for the southern region leaders to unite allow the presidency to be zoned to the southwest Nigeria

(5) That having agreed on the above, we believe the Southwest of Nigeria has numerous political leaders who can adequately and brilliantly take Nigeria to Eldorado. That having evaluated all the aforementioned leaders,the meeting specifically agreed on three notable names that have the requisites knowledge, pedigree ,right attitudes,panache and capacity to lead Nigeria to where 3 good square meals and other life necessities can be provided for Nigerians irrespective of tribe,region or religion. Their capacity to make Nigeria great again without bias or mischief are inherent.

(6) That at due date,the three southwest political leaders’ names will be unveiled and various checks and further evaluations will be made after invitations must have been given to additional groups to join us in dissecting the three agreed presidential materials in which one will be finally be promoted and recommended to various leaders of other ethnic groups in which we have historical relationship of COSEG 23 years of existence With

(7) That though we cannot condemn any Yoruba groups in it’s opinion as they have right to it but consciously and mischievously throwing away what seems coming to the region away in the name of politics is unwarranted,reckless and anti Yoruba, as our deities and even chief obafemi Awolowo will never be happy with such people where he is.
We hope those who are involved in this anti Yoruba stand retrace their steps before it’s too late . They are creating what they will never be able to manage. It’s all about history.
Which side if history they will be,will be determined by their actions. There are still time for amendments.

(8)Finally, we seek the support of the Northern region players,political leaders and most especially our Dear president Buhari, whom we voted for massively to become president in his two terms, to ensure the southwest zone produces the next president of the country.

(9) it must also be mentioned that Evangelist Kunle Adeshokan and one other moved for the total boycott of the election canvassing that the southwest must not participate in the 2023 election but an overwhelming majority of leaders present voted for southwest participation in the 2023 election believing that if a competent,
clearheaded,sincere and honest candidate from Southwest Nigeria who means well for the country wins the election with the support of other blocks,zones and regions,Nigeria will be better,greater and prosperous.

The Communique was signed by the chairman of Coalition of Oodual Self Determination Groups(COSEG) Comrade Ifedayo Ogunlana and other 27 Self-determination leaders.Among them are Comrade Dele Daramola , Comrade Oyin Akande,, Comrade Jubril Ogundimu, Rtd Brigadier Adewolu Muda,, Evangelist Kunle Adesokan, Rtd Major Adegbenro Yussuf, Comrade Ayangade Mutairu, ,Comrade Awe Bamidele, Comrade Moses Olafare, Comrade Awodeyi Sola, comrade Alimi Jamiu, Comrade Agbesua Femi.Comrade Bisiriyu kazeem, comrade Obanta Joseph, comrade Odofin Busayo, Comrade Sangolade yomi.

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